Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Auto Engine Rebuilding

Car owners are no stranger to maintenance and repairs. At some point in time, most parts of your vehicle will require service or repair. When the time comes for repairs, you must find the right professionals to help. The good news is there are usually a number of warning signs your vehicle exhibits that indicate the need for repairs is imminent. For instance, if your transmission starts making noise or doesn’t work the way it should, you should seek assistance immediately. The longer you wait, the more problems you will ultimately have to deal with. Read below to learn about some of the signs you may notice when your vehicle needs an auto transmission rebuild.

Transmission Leaks Are Common

Have you noticed pools of transmission fluid under your vehicle after leaving it parked for a while? If so, you will need to address this issue immediately. The seals on your transmission are designed to keep the fluid in it from leaking out. If these seals have been damaged or worn, they will create an issue retaining this important fluid. In this situation, you may find hiring professionals to perform an auto transmission rebuild can restore this functionality and keep your transmission running properly.

The Transmission Is Slipping Regularly

Another sign you may notice that indicates the need for auto transmission rebuild services is regular slipping. If your vehicle makes a jerking motion when you put it in gear, chances are there are some internal transmission parts that need to be replaced. The only way to find out the extent of this damage is by working with a reputable professional. They will diagnose the issues you are having and let you know what has to be done to get your transmission back in good working order.

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