Signs Your Transmission Might Need Attention by a Surprise Mechanic

Without a transmission in your car that operates as it should, you likely won’t be able to move your car in reverse and could find it difficult for your car to move into anything past first gear. Here are a few signs that your transmission could need repairs.


One of the most common signs that you need transmission work done is when the gears begin slipping. The gears will begin to slip in and out of place instead of staying in the gear that you put them in, possibly leading to significantly slowing down while you’re driving. When you visit a mechanic that offers transmission repair in Surprise, AZ, you need to offer as many details as possible about when the gears slip and how long it’s been taking place.

Fluid Leaks

Look underneath your car for any transmission fluid leaks. When you visit a mechanic for transmission repair in Surprise, AZ, the fluid in your car will likely be checked to see if it’s too low or to see if it’s burnt. Losing too much fluid at one time can result in the components not being lubricated enough to function properly.


When you press on the accelerator in your car, you expect that you’ll move forward. If there’s something wrong with your transmission, then you likely won’t get anywhere on the road. If there is still a little life left in your transmission, then you might be able to travel a short distance before it’s repaired, but you might not have the higher gears that give you as much forward motion.

If you notice signs that your transmission might be going out, contact Champs Family Automotive at for information about the next steps that you should take.

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