The Auto Body In Papillion NE Will Repair Your Car To Like-New Factory Condition

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Autos

You want to leave your damaged car in the capable hands of a highly experienced collision repair service, but you are not sure about how to find such a shop. You can find a highly capable collision shop in Papillon, NE which will have the best equipement for working to restore your vehicle to factory specifications.

The Auto Repair collision shops in Papillion NE have the high tech laser vehicle leveling that is necessary to provide consistently accurate reports on the required pull set ups so that no further damage is done to the vehicle. The proprietary software helps in identifying the incorrect pull set ups before they are made which prevents damage to the vehicle. This equipment locks in 45 high tech targets in real time so the technicians can work with spot on reports each time they use the equipment. This equipment will also speed the process of repairing your vehicle.

The sheet metal work will repair the existing damage or the collision shop will get a new part if the insurance company will pay for it. If they will not pay for it, then the shop will go to its best salavge company for the part. The salvage company is not a junk yard, but rather a place where good parts are recycled. Parts can be found without any damage, and all that is required is painting it to match the vehicle.

The computerized paint mixing system allows for a more precise color match so your car will look like it has the factory paint job. Factory-like paint finishes are accomplished by a down draft paint baking booth. The paint mixing system and the paint baking booth are both designed to accomplish your repairs quickly.

Spot welders allow the technician to follow manufacturer welding procedures to ensure your vehicle will get the most factory type repair possible for the safety of the occupants in a future collision. The welding process will also help stabilze the vehicle and keep it running smoothly.

An accident can leave the frame damaged, making the car unsound and unsafe. The Drive-on machines provide the frame technicians with the power to straighten out structural components of unibodies to ladder frames. The machines are indispensable for body pulling and realignment, and they even have the power to repair pickup trucks of any size.

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