The GMC Savana 3500 in Edmonton May Be the Perfect Passenger Van for You

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Car Dealer

If you’re looking for a company van or a personal van because you’re used to carrying around a lot of people, the GMC Savana 3500 is for you. This passenger van seats up to 12 people and comes in two different designs, and best of all, it is available for under $50,000. Passenger vans serve a lot of different purposes and are used by both companies and families, so if lots of space is what you need in a van, dealers that sell the GMC Savana 3500 in Edmonton can be your best friend.

There Are Lots of Perks with This Van

The Savana 3500 passenger van is perfect for hospitals, shuttle drivers, churches, and so many others who need to transport a lot of people from one point to another. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission, 12-volt power outlets, electrical theft-deterrent system, and rear vision camera, among other things. Companies such as Capital GMC Buick can also help you find vans that have extra perks as well, such as MP3 player and USB ports.

Offering Something for Everyone

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a large passenger van, finding a GMC Savana 3500 in Edmonton will prove that it’s available for you to purchase. You can choose a standard van or one with all of the bells and whistles. Gone are the days when these vans came with nothing but the basics and little else. Today’s vans are pretty fancy when you consider that they are, after all, a passenger van.

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