The Hyundai Kona Is A Top Safety Pick In SUVs

There are many different factors that go into the selection of a new vehicle. While drivers in Newark, NJ, may look for a specific vehicle type, color, or even style of vehicle, they are also concerned about safety features.

The Hyundai Kona is a relatively new model on the market, first available in the United States in 2019. As a newer model vehicle, all models are equipped with the latest in passenger safety and driver-assist features that make it one of the top subcompact vehicles for safety.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Hyundai Kona in Newark, NJ, with a 5-star rating for safety. It is not just the NHTSA that sees the safety features this vehicle has to offer, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also lists the Kona as a Top Safety Pick Plus.

Driver-Assist Standard Safety Features

For busy city driving as well as highway driving, drivers in Newark, NJ, will be happy to know the Kona offers lane assist, driver attention monitoring, and automated emergency braking as standard features.

Other features include adaptive cruise control, slowing the vehicle down to avoid slower vehicles, active park assist, blind-spot monitors, and automatic headlights that switch from low to high beam.

Driving the Hyundai Kona in Newark, NJ, is comfortable, safe, and fun. With a sporty look and a large cargo area, this subcompact SUV is an excellent vehicle for running errands, a daily commute, or for getting out on the highway.

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