The Importance Of Tire Repair Safety

by | Dec 3, 2014 | auto repair

New tires are an expensive investment for the average driver. If you need to replace one due to damage the cost can add up especially if the tire is not that old to begin with. One way to save money would to see if the tire can be repaired, therefore saving you the cost of a new replacement. To do this you will have to take it into a business that does Tire Repair to have it inspected.

A company such as Victory Chrysler Dodge Ram can inspect your tire and tell you whether or not repair is possible. This will depend on the location of the damage and also the cause of the issue. Repairs can only be done to the tread area so you will have to verify that the issue is in within that part of the tire. These types of repairs can only been done by removing the tire completely from the rim and it should be inspected afterwards to see that the repair was successful. If the marring to your tire is caused by a puncture the shop will have to verify that it is no more than one fourth inch in diameter for the repair to be successful. Also if it has already been fixed previously the new repair cannot overlap the old one because that will weaken the tire surface causing the repair to be unsuccessful. A puncture repair is done by using a rubber stem which is also called a plug and a patch that is applied to the inner lining seal. If a tire has been driven on for any length of time once it starts going flat that tire will be most likely beyond repair. This is something that will show when the tire is removed for inspection.

Ensuring that the repair is done up to code is important to both you and your family that will be riding in the car. It is important that all safety regulations are followed when it comes to your car no matter if it is Tire Repair or any other issue that is a problem. If your brakes are faulty would you not have them repaired immediately? It is no different than with an unsafe tire. Problems such as this can be dangerous due to the possibility of a tire blow out that can happen when you are driving at a high rate of speed.

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