The Most Common Causes of Vehicle Dents

by | Mar 1, 2019 | auto repair

Are you in need of dent removal in Glendale, AZ? Vehicle dents are quite common and often occur based on bumps from other vehicles or foreign objects. Sometimes you may end up with several dents without having any idea of how they got there. In some cases, dents can be avoided, but that is not always the case. However, knowing how dents are commonly caused can give you insight into how to avoid them in the future.

Car Door Bumps

When you park in a parking lot, there are often many other cars nearby. Sometimes you have to squeeze in close to neighboring cars before getting out. The problem is that if one of those car owners opens the door without using caution, the door can bump your car and leave a dent. This is a common reason for the need for dent removal in Glendale, AZ.

Extreme Weather

Things like hail and even sleet can lead to scratches, dings, and even dents. Being prepared is the best way to prevent this problem. Put your car into some sort of shelter to avoid dents caused by the elements. If the wind is strong, this too can be a cause of dents. Flying pebbles or branches can cause scratches and dents.

Shopping Carts

It’s not uncommon to see a forgotten shopping cart hanging out in the parking lot of a store. The cart may end up in a space between two cars parked there. You may not even see a cart until too late and end up driving into it. Both of these situations can lead to a dented car, which means you need dent repair to take care of the issue.

Flying Balls

When kids play baseball, basketball, or football in the neighborhood, there is also a chance that a ball will end up out of control and smacking into your vehicle. This can lead to a serious dent, especially if the ball has a lot of force behind it. Balls can pick up a lot of speed and hit your roof or hood and cause big problems.

Drive through car washes can also cause dents in some cases. There may be accidental bumps as you drive through and your car makes its way down the conveyor belt. If these problems have caused dents to your truck or SUV, Dynasty Collision can help. Find out more about our services by visiting

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