The Most Common Problems That Warrant Car AC Repair In Forest Lake MN

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Automobile

The air conditioning system in a car helps keep the driver and their passengers comfortable in the hottest of weather. As with any mechanical device, issues can arise that leave the AC unit inoperable, which can lead to a very uncomfortable trip. Rather than dealing with the sweltering heat consider having the car inspected by a mechanic, as they will be able to perform the following service which may restore operation of the AC system without breaking the bank.

Coolant Refill

The single most common cause of an air conditioner malfunction is a lack of coolant, which is a necessary element. A technician can check the coolant levels and determine if the level is too low, and refill the holding tank. Refilling the coolant allows the compressor to create the additional pressure needed to activate the cooling liquid and transform a hot and stuffy car into a comfortable oasis.

Compressor Belt

Another common issue that requires car AC repair in Forest Lake MN is the compressor belt. A pulley connected to the engine transfers power to the compressor via a belt that is activated with the press of a button. If the belt becomes overly loose or loses the traction needed to ensure a secure connection it will cause the compressor not to activate when needed. Though it sounds like an urgent issue, it is a quick fix that can restore AC operation in under an hour.

Compressor Replacement

If other forms of Car AC Repair in Forest Lake MN have not been effective at restoring the operation of the compressor, then it may need to be replaced. The technician will disconnect the compressor and install a new unit, and then make sure that all of the vehicle’s compressor coolant levels are topped off. They will then test the system to make sure it is operating.

Driving a vehicle without AC can be miserable and make even short drives unbearable. Fortunately, the mechanics at American Imports can help and offer a variety of vehicle repair services that can keep any vehicle ready for the road ahead. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment to have any AC issues resolved as soon as possible.

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