The Need for Auto Body Repair in Warrensburg After a Car jacking

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Autos Repair

When vehicles are stolen and later recovered, often the owner needs to schedule Auto Body Repair in Warrensburg because the thief caused some damage. This is especially likely when the incident involved a car jacking, a violent form of vehicle theft. Most people are mystified as to why anyone would commit this type of crime, since police are quickly alerted throughout the region. High-speed chases sometimes result.

Relevant Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Justice provides statistics on car jackings in the United States. Nearly all of these crimes occur in urban or suburban areas and are committed by men. Most happen at night in open areas like the street and parking lots.

Car jacking incidents are uncommon compared to other types of auto theft. This is fortunate because the vehicle owner sometimes is injured by the thief, who often robs the driver before making off with the car. It’s a very traumatic experience. But still, some 38,000 car jacking crimes occur every year in this country, according to the Bureau of Justice. In comparison, the total of all automobile thefts each year numbers about 721,000.

Causes of Property Damage

Property damage from these events ranges from minor to extreme. A common scenario is when a car jacker bumps the vehicle from behind, drives off and hides nearby. The driver stops, gets out and checks for damage, and the car jacker then jumps in and speeds away. In other cases, police locate and chase the car jacker, and an accident occurs because the thief drives too fast and loses control of the vehicle. Sometimes this person runs into other cars or runs off the road and hits trees, fences or buildings.

Repair Work

Unless the vehicle is declared a total loss, a shop providing service for Auto Body Repair in Warrensburg can get the car or pickup truck looking like new again. At least this will be one point of relief for the victim of a car jacking when he or she picks up the vehicle when the project is complete. The work can be done in a garage such as Warrensburg Collision. Click Here for information on this particular service garage.

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