The Process of Professional Tire Repair in Evanston IL

by | Feb 21, 2021 | auto repair

When a tire begins to wear down, it becomes more susceptible to potential damage. If the tire has worn down significantly and the tire becomes punctured, the best option is to simply replace it. However, the re’s nothing worse than having a brand-new tire become damaged. In this situation, many people feel like the only thing to do is to replace the tire. This is difficult because tires can be expensive, and if the tire is fairly new and the tread is good, it seems like a terrible waste. Fortunately, there may be a way to save the tire through professional tire repair Evanston IL.

The first thing to understand is that not all tires are good candidates for repair. The most common type of repair is a puncture, which is caused by a screw or a nail going into the tire. In some cases, these punctures are self-sealing. However, even if the tire isn’t losing air, the potential for the tire to become damaged internally because of any friction caused by the nail or screw could put it at risk of blowing out while driving.

If the puncture is on the outside area of the tire, especially close to the tire wall, there is little that a repair shop will be able to do. Only punctures found in the crown or the middle portion of the tread can be repaired. If the puncture is in this area, the tire will be taken off of the car, the nail or the screw will be removed, a patch with a rubber strand will be inserted from the inside of the tire and carefully melded into the surface of the interior while the rubber strand acts as a filler to seal the actual puncture to the outside of tire. While this can be somewhat of an involved process, it’s a standard procedure at most repair facilities. Typically, the cost for this repair will be between $20 and $40.

As you can see, not every damaged tire is a candidate for Tire Repair in Evanston IL. However, if you have a damaged tire, you’ll want to have the tire looked at by a professional. In order to do this, you can visit HEART Certified Auto Care, or you can call them to make an appointment to have the damaged tire inspected for possible repair.

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