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by | Jan 3, 2014 | Auto, Automotive

One of the joys of life is owning a fine automobile. Many people prefer fine German-made cars, but cringe when they take it into a dealer for service or repair work. German cars serviced by dealers are often expensive, and a reason many German cars owners take their cars to independent shops. One shop local residents call for their German Chicago car service is Spotlight Automotive. They have trained factory technicians that service Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and all other makes and models of cars. In addition to everyday repairs, the shop offers special services.

One service many cars owners appreciate is the paintless dent repair. A car kept in the city has a hard life. Dings in a car’s body occur all the time, happening because other car doors get opened to fast, large chunks of hail, vandalism, etc. The shop staff can fix these dings, dents and even worse damage.

Another service offered is complete car detail services. The shop uses commercial grade products to keep the inside and out of a customer’s car looking new. This service helps an owner retain the car’s value, and helps limit the amount of wear and tear on the car.

People who have cars approaching the end of their lease will appreciate the shop’s end of lease service. Before a car owner turns in a leased car, an inspection is performed to find if any damage or excessive wear occurred. A car may look fine on the outside, but many times the inspection turns up expensive damage. The shop is able to fix the damage at a lower cost than charged by dealers.

Many car owners order special performance parts for their car. The problem is many cars are very complicated to work on, and the average car owner does not have the skills to install the part. The shop offers a parts install service to take care of the matter.

Car owners needing Chicago car service should call for an appointment. They can look forward to excellent service, and save money at the same time.

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