The Tire Stores Wichita KS All Have the Right Tire For Your Vehicle and Experienced Sales People

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Automotive

Buying a set of replacement tires can be a challenge with so many different tires available. Tires are categorized by passenger car everyday use, all-season, light truck, SUV and commercial vehicles, and ultra-high performance. Hundreds of different tires are made for these applications with passenger car tires leading the list of top sellers. Although there are many tire designs for passenger car installation, the consumer is generally looking for an all-weather street tire. The ultra-high performance tire is capable of hard cornering and reaching speeds up to 200 mph which is not in demand for everyday use.

According to The World Market Place article titled “A Look at the Global Tire Industry,” over 100 companies in the U.S. manufacture 15 billion tires annually with the largest volume being for passenger car use. Over 200 separate products go into the making of one tire, so the consumer can understand the complexity of the tire and why choosing the best tire for their vehicle is so important.

The passenger car tire and the all-season passenger car tire are made for durability and long wear. Generally, these tires are made for everyday use and not for rugged roads or off-road use. They will not be good for hard cornering or jackrabbit starts. Most passenger car tires are not made for extended driving at high speeds. The Tire Stores in Wichita KS have experienced tire sales people available to help you select the best tire for your vehicle and your budget.

Tires are made for light truck, SUV and commercial vehicles which are unique in design, but these are not available in ultra-high performance brands. Tires for these vehicles are intended to be used for normal street use. The SUV tire noise level has greatly diminished. The light truck and commercial tires are made for the kind of use as are passenger car tires, but these are designed for a heavier load. Tire Stores Wichita KS are very experienced in determining which tire will function best with these vehicles,

Lower gasoline cost has enabled people to drive their cars more so the tires buildup more wear and the consumer needs to watch the tread life left on the tires. The consumer has many tires to choose from when new tires are needed.



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