Tips for Maximizing On Your Old Car from the Auto Wrecker in Joliet

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Automobile

There are a number of ways to get the maximum value out of a car which is considered junk. Simply calling the auto wrecker in Joliet is not one of them, at least not until you have done a bit of work yourself in preparation.

You will get a better price from the auto wrecker in Joliet if you do the labor rather than them. You can easily drain all the fluids, gas, oil, antifreeze can be drained by yourself and disposed of at a local garage, usually for a minimum fee, if anything at all. Don’t part with the car if it includes the spare tire. Junk yards usually only want the four that are on the car and you may be able to sell the spare separately.

When you dispose of the car at the auto wrecker in Joliet you will need the title. If you don’t have the title, you will have to get it. The title does not have to be in your name but it has to be signed by whoever owns the vehicle. Once the few preliminaries are done, tow the car to the junk yard and sell it.

The reason an auto wrecker in Joliet buys junk cars is because there is considerable value in all the usable components. The yard will strip the components and sell them to individuals, local repair shops or to companies who remanufacture components. Knowing this, you have an opportunity to make the same money for the parts as the junk yard does, but it entails work. The first thing you have to do is remove any and all parts that have resale potential. Pull out the engine, transmission, rear end, and all the useable small parts such as the tail lights, gauges, rear view mirrors etc. Any car part which does not have moving parts will not wear out and if they are not broken they are valuable.

Once the car has been stripped clean of what are considered to be saleable parts, list them all on eBay or other internet auction sites. If you want instant cash you can take the catalytic converter to the auto wrecker in Joliet and sell it, they are quite valuable because of the platinum used. The tires probably will never get a bid from the internet so consider selling them locally, an ad on the supermarket bulletin board often results in a sale.

To avoid all the hassle you can just sell it as is to the auto wrecker in Joliet. Prepare all the paper work in advance, making sure you have the title and attempt to get a value from somewhere as to what you can expect. Once armed with this information contact a company which will remove the car or if you wish, tow it directly to the junk yard.

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