Tips From Auto Engine Service in Casper WY on How to Maintain Your Car

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Automotive

Engine is probably the most important part of the car that determine its efficiency and longevity-;in terms of how long it will serve you without problems. It is good that you take your car to an Auto Engine Service Casper WY to ensure that small issues are caught and fixed in time. Professional mechanics have the right tools and equipment to be able to diagnose the problem and fix it in the right way.

The engine oil, if, not regularly changed , can become the cause for engine failure. The oil has a lot of contaminants that are deposited from the engine. With the help of an engine filter, the impurities are filtered from the oil. It is important to note that there are different filters, and each has a different effect on the engine. Filters should also be changed frequently.

The materials that make filters are different and each material has its level of filtration. There are three main criteria that can help you know the effectiveness of a filter in keeping the lubricant clean. These three are single pass, multi-pass and micron rating. If for example you want to establish the ability of a filter to sieve the impurities on one pass, you use the single pass efficiency. If it is on the multi-efficiency, you should do subsequent passes.

If you want to know whether a filter is efficient, it should filter at least 98% of the impurities on the first pass. With the multi-pass rating, the oil that is contaminated will still run through the engine making it a better indicator of the efficiency of the filter. With this rating, 96% of the impurities should be sieved in the first instance.

If you want to measure the size of the particles that will pass through, you should use the micron rating. The ideal micron rating is ten. This means that the large particles will not pass through, and they could end up damaging the engine. At this point, you should look for an expert dealing with Auto Engine Service Casper WY. The rating of the filter will depend on the material that was used to make the filter.

You may not be able to do all the checks on the engine oil on your own, and it is thus important that you contact Doyle Johnson’s Inc for quality services.

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