Tired of Missing Great Parking Spots? How Parking Apps for Chicago Help

Finding parking in some areas of Chicago can be quite a challenge. Chicagoans rely on handy tools like parking apps to find really great parking spots. Here is how you can be alerted to available parking in South Grant park garage just as soon as it becomes available.

Download the App and Set It to Alert You

Put the app on your phone. Then establish an account within the app and set up a form of payment. This will be necessary for you to pay for your parking spot in advance so that no one else can take the spot and it’s registered as yours until you park there or until you cancel the parking reservation in the South Grant park garage. Then go into settings and make sure you set the app to allow it to send you text alerts. The text alerts will immediately appear when a spot opens up in the parking garage.

Receive an Alert? Quick! Get Your Spot!

Now you wait until a spot opens up. The app will alert you to an open and available spot, and then prompt you to open the app to make a reservation. If you want the spot, you accept it, reserve it, and pay for it through the app. Then all you have to do is drive your vehicle to the garage, enter by showing your parking app reservation, and park your vehicle. When you are ready to give a Chicagoan parking app a try, take a look at ParkChirp.

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