Transmission Repair Experts in Arizona Know How To Keep Your Vehicle On The Road

by | Dec 27, 2018 | auto repair

Transmission repair experts in Arizona know exactly what a car owner needs to do to avoid major transmission problems. Some car owners make the mistake of just driving their cars with little care about maintenance. They also might not pay attention to warning signs that indicate problems are developing.

Fluid Levels Are Important

All transmission repair experts in Arizona know how important transmission fluid is to a vehicle. Without it, transmission won’t last long. Low fluid levels can quickly wreck a car and need to be taken care of immediately. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a master mechanic to check a car’s transmission fluid levels. The dipstick for the transmission is easy to locate once the hood of the vehicle is opened. While a person is checking their transmission fluid level, they should also check the engine’s oil level. Getting into the habit of checking all fluid levels at the same time is smart.

Fluid Leaks

When fluid levels aren’t what they should be, it can be due to leaks. A car owner might not be able to detect a leak if it doesn’t leave any signs on the ground underneath the vehicle. In some cases, a leak might produce a burning odor. A piece of cardboard can be placed underneath a vehicle for the night. It can then be examined the next day for any signs of fluid. Regardless, if there are low fluid levels, the car should be taken to a mechanic to look for a leak.

It Doesn’t Take Long

How long does it take to visit a mechanic these days? With ridesharing, a person doesn’t have to sit in the waiting room for hours while waiting for their vehicle. They don’t have to bother friends or family for rides. Just drop the vehicle off and get rideshare and come back when it’s done being checked out. There’s no excuse not to get a car’s transmission looked at once a year.

Click here to find out more about transmission care. Yearly inspection and checking fluid levels throughout the year can help keep a car’s transmission in good condition.

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