Transmission Repair in Marana

by | May 14, 2013 | Automotive

Your car’s transmission system is a comprehensive system consisting of hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic parts that connect the engine’s power to the wheels. The transmission uses the gear system to regulate engine power and keep it running within a range of specific RPMs. First gear runs at higher revolutions per minute than second gear. The higher the gear, the fewer number of revolutions per minute.

The transmission also includes a neutral gear in which the wheels are not engaged with the engine power. In neutral, a car can be sitting still idling or it can be moving solely due to inertia, but if the gears are not engaged, power is not being delivered to the drive wheels at that time.

Before you need auto transmission repair Marana, there are a few maintenance steps you can take to keep the transmission up to date. Every car maker will include in the car’s user manual a maintenance schedule for the owner to follow. One of those services is likely to say that you should have the transmission fluid changed at some point. Just like how you have to get the car’s motor oil changed, the transmission fluid can also get dirty.

For most cars, this is going to be about every 30,000 miles or every two years, although there are some vehicles out there that don’t need their transmission fluid changed until the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles. Some vehicles will never need the transmission fluid changed. The manufacturer may suggest having it done more often depending on the make of the vehicle. If the car is exposed to dusty roads, if you do a lot of stop and start driving, or if you do any hauling or towing, the transmission is worked harder and it may need regular maintenance sooner and more often.

Transmission repair Marana like a transmission overhaul is going to take much longer and be quite a bit more expensive. While transmission fluid can be changed while you wait and it’s a fairly inexpensive service, an overhaul will be costly and you may have to leave your car at the shop overnight.

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