Troubleshooting Tips for Your Instrument Cluster

by | May 28, 2014 | Automobile

One of the most important parts of any car is its instrument cluster, which is basically a window into the inner workings of the vehicle. Just like any other component of your vehicle, eventually your instrument cluster will have problems that will require repairs to fix. As soon as you start to notice a problem with your cluster, you need to get to a shop before it goes completely out. Driving around without a functioning instrument cluster can be very dangerous. The following are a few tips on troubleshooting problems with your Silverado Instrument Cluster.

Electrical Issues

The only way for your instrument cluster to function properly is by having the right amount of electricity going to it. In most cases, 10 volts is the minimum amount of electricity required to make an instrument cluster run. If you start to notice that your cluster is starting to give more and more inaccurate readings, then you may need to check the fuse or the wiring harness. Replacing a fuse is rather easy, but if the wiring harness is loose or broken, you made need to contact a professional. They will be able to fix any electrical problems that you have in a timely and efficient manner.

Dimming or No Backlight

Another common problem that many people experience with their instrument cluster is a dimming or an overall absence of light behind the gauges. The first thing that you need to check when you experience this situation is the interior dimmer switch. In many cases, the dimmer switch will be turned all the way down, which in turn cuts off the cluster backlight. Another common cause for the light behind your instrument cluster being out is a blown bulb. Although the bulb is rather hard to get to, you should be able to change it on your own.

Erratic Gauge Behavior

If you start to notice that you have one gauge in your instrument cluster that is giving you trouble, then you may need to look behind the cluster at the wiring. In some cases, the wiring of the gauge will come lose and cause it to act rather erratically. If the wiring seems to be good, then the next thing you need to check is the sending unit, if there is one. The sending unit is what takes the information from you engine and sends it to the gauge.

If you find yourself in need of repairs to your Silverado Instrument Cluster, then be sure to contact D&D Instruments.

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