Upgrading To Niche Wheels Without Breaking Your Budget

If you have always wanted to upgrade your wheels to aftermarket rims, but were concerned about staying on a budget, you need to take a closer look at Niche wheels.

This brand has a range of different types of wheels for high-end luxury vehicles that can also work on a range of other types of passenger vehicles as well. This makes them a perfect option if you want to deck out many different makes and models of cars including vehicles from Chevy, Nissan, Honda, Dodge, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW to name just a few.

You will notice a difference with Niche rims. The company offers both unique styles as well as different color choices in most styles of wheels, and there are classic to completely original and modern styles. Very original configurations of the wheels, which can be either staggered or non staggered, give you a wide range of choices for your rim upgrade.

Options to Consider

While many wheel manufacturers offer the standard silver, chrome, and matte or black gloss options, Niche offers a significant number of rims in bronze, white and anthracite.

If you aren’t familiar with the last color option, it is matte gray color, which is a great match for dark or light colors of vehicles and is very easy to keep in top condition. It is a terrific color match for gray vehicles but also looks stunning on black as it doesn’t create the extreme contrast you see with silver or chrome.


For an open and old school style, consider a seven spoke option with either a solid or an open design. These are classic styles with a twist, providing more color than the standard five-spoke wheels.

For something more ornate and designed to really draw the eye, consider the Citrine designs. These come in white, silver, and bronze. With their elaborate designs, these Niche wheels will certainly stand out and give the car a very customized look.

Another highly popular design in the Niche wheels are the Project BK rims. These feature a split type of spoke design in black with a wide and inset type of chrome lip. This creates a contrast of the glass black and the chrome within the wheel itself, which stands out on the road or in the parking lot.

With their reasonable prices, the Niche rims are a great investment in your vehicle. Just be sure to spend your time looking at what is available before you make a final decision.

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