Vehicle Turntables Provide Safety In Small Spaces

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Automotive

A vehicle turntable provides a beautiful platform to display a car, but it also provides safety in small spaces that are not ideal for car turnarounds. Vehicle turntables aren’t just for car collectors; their practical use is evident when trying to park in certain environments or at homes with little to no driveway or parking space.

Whether the turntable is in the garage or in front of the house, safety, coupled with the latest technology, and incorporating aesthetically-pleasing materials for the cover surface of the turntable is what makes vehicle turntables a great choice.

Construction of Turntables

After consultation, a turntable will be designed and 2D or 3D renderings will be provided. Upon approval, the design is engineered and manufactured using the latest technology. A pin drive system is utilized because it’s far superior than wheel spring systems that wear over time. Wheel spring systems require more maintenance because they are prone to wheel slips, which would require wheel spring adjustments. The gearbox is seamlessly incorporated into the turntable and is barely noticeable. A commercial-quality remote system is part of the standard equipment that comes with the turntables for ease of operation.

Smart Technology Use for Turntables

Utilizing a highly-sensitive computer, the vehicle turntable can sense if there is a problem like a wheel of the vehicle is not on the turntable or if there is something obstructing the path. Once corrected, the turntable will operate after it resets itself. Using the best technology from Germany and Sweden, coupled with American design and construction, vehicle turntables can provide years of beautiful operation.

Beautifully Designed Turntables

The turntable can be made with a variety of materials that are aesthetically pleasing to the environment it’s in. Exotic wood finishes, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, diamond or smooth brick, pebbled brick, patterned brick or pavestone, and epoxy over surface material can be used to create the ambience you want for your turntable.

If you’re looking for a vehicle turntable, visit the Carousel USA website to find out what they have to offer.

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