What A Chrysler Dealer Can Offer: The Chrysler Advantage Plan

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Car Dealership

If you plan to get into a new or used Chrysler, your first stop should be a licensed Chrysler dealer. S/he is there to make sure you are provided with the best sales experience possible. Whether you live in San Francisco CA or Dunkirk NY, their sales staff is there to deliver. The ante is upped if you are eligible for the Chrysler Advantage Plan.

What Is the Chrysler Advantage Plan (CAP)?

CAP is an FCA/Stellantis plan. It is a means through which eligible individuals can qualify for a reduced price for Chrysler vehicles. It is a less expensive way to acquire your favorite vehicle from a Chrysler dealer in Dunkirk, NY.

Who Does It Include?

CAP is restricted to certain individuals – encompassing the following:

  1. FCA/Stellantis Employees and Retirees
  2. FCA Affiliates and Family Accounts: This group encompasses many close relatives including parents and stepparents, children and siblings. Inlaws, brothers and sisters-in-law, stepsiblings, half-brothers and sisters, and stepchildren also are eligible.
  3. FCA/Stellantis Preferred Customers: This category refers to employees and their close relatives who work for a company that uses a fleet of Chrysler vehicles for their business. The number of Dodge cars this company uses must reach a certain threshold to be eligible for this category.

For more information about eligibility, talk to your local Chrysler dealership.

The Chrysler Advantage

Not many qualify for CAP. But you can still purchase a Chrysler and feel you have an advantage over other car owners. Visit your local Chrysler dealer and discover what they can offer you.

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