What To Expect During Power Window Repair

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Auto Glass Service

On the surface, a power window doesn’t appear to utilize advanced technology to operate, but it is a system that requires several components to ensure seamless operation. When a power window stops working it may be due to a variety of issues and attempting to complete Power Window Repair as a novice may lead to further problems in the future. Rather than trying to do it on their own, more vehicle owners are choosing to hire a professional, as they will have the tools and knowledge that will allow for a streamlined repair process.

Repair Preparation

The first step in repairing a door is to remove the panel from the inside of the vehicle, which will expose all of the parts and provide the mechanic with ample room to work. Most door panels are held in place by several screws and a variety of clips. Be careful when removing it, as there will be several wire-based connections that will need to be unplugged to prevent damage to the electronic components.

Diagnostic Phase

After the panel has been removed, the technician will inspect the track, motor, and regulator for any signs of damage. Once the cause of the issue is identified, they will remove the malfunctioning parts and source the replacements. In some instances, there may be several components that need to be replaced, as issues with the regulator will often damage the track and motor system.

Installation and Door Reassembly

The final phase of Power Window Repair is the installation of the new parts. After the components are tested working, the mechanic will then reassemble the door panel by securing it in place. Finally, they will perform a final test and clean up the area to remove any scuffing or other dirt and debris that may have accumulated during the repair process.

A window that doesn’t roll up and down isn’t just an inconvenience, but may also lead to safety hazards. The team at the Auto Glass Factory provides repairs on all foreign and domestic brand cars and will have any window working in no time. Visit Autoglassfactoryaz.com to learn more and schedule an appointment without delay. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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