What you Need to Know About Auto Glass In Colorado Springs, CO

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Autos

Even though Auto Glass In Colorado Springs CO is not often recognized as one of the security features vehicles have, it does play a major role in enhancing the safety of your automobile. Auto glass is a term that encompasses not just the windshield of your car, but the surrounding windows as well. The purpose of auto glass is to protect you and the interior of your car from elements such as rain, snow, wind, dust, hail and so on. In addition to this, auto glass is also designed to provide you with safety while in your car, and to enhance the security of your vehicle even while you are not in it.

Specially Designed for your Safety

The design and manufacturing process automotive glass goes through is intended to make it different from ordinary glass. Auto glass goes through different types and levels of strain compared to other types of glass, such as the type of glass used for the windows in your home. Residential windows are likely to shatter when exposed to relatively small amounts to strain. By contrast, Auto Glass In Colorado Springs CO is designed with the understanding that your car is likely to encounter higher levels of strain. These could be a result of encountering potholes in the road, driving in rocky areas, or even being involved in a fender bender. For this reason, auto glass is manufactured from safety glass. This helps to protect both the car itself, and anyone who is in the car.

Besides this, safety glass ensures that in case of any incidents, any injuries caused to the occupants of the vehicle as a result of flying glass are substantially lessened. Auto glass is manufactured by sandwiching a thin layer of plastic film between two pieces of glass. This film is called polyvinyl butyral, abbreviated PVB, and its role is to hold the two or more pieces of glass firmly in place.

The auto experts at The Body and Fender shop understand how automotive glass works. This makes them especially suited to meeting your needs in auto glass installment, repair and replacement.

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