When to Have a Tinley Park Professional Look at Your Car’s Suspension

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Automotive

You need good suspension to have a smooth ride on the road. If your shocks aren’t working correctly, you’ll have less comfort while driving, and you could end up damaging other parts of your car. The following signs are red flags that your suspension near Tinley Park may need some professional care.

Ups and Downs

Everybody loves bouncing up and down. However, if your car is doing it too much, then your shocks are having problems. When you push down on your vehicle to make it bounce, it should stop after about three or four bounces. If yours keeps bouncing, then it’s probably time to get service.

Uneven Car

Is one side of your car lower than the other? If so, then this is a telltale sign that you have suspension problems. Uneven tire pressure could be the cause of the problem, but it could also be that the shocks and struts at one of your tires have simply worn-out. Whatever the problem, you’ll need to have your suspension near Tinley Park checked out to fix the issue.

Oil on Shocks

Hydraulic fluid in your shocks helps them do their job. If you observe your shocks and see oil on them, then you could be looking at a hydraulic oil leak. Without sufficient hydraulic oil, your shocks can’t do their job adequately. You’ll want to have this problem looked at before they are completely drained of this necessary fluid.

Bumpier Ride

When your shocks start to go, your riding experience will be much less pleasant, especially as you go over bumps or rough patches in the road. If you notice that your ride has gotten rougher recently, then your shocks are probably in need of service.

For professional suspension replacement or repair, contact VIP Tire Corporation today. They’ll have you riding smooth in no time.

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