Why 4×4 Tyres are the Only Choice for the Outback

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Auto Parts

The outback is one of the most challenging places one could drive in. The roads are dry and jagged, and when it is wet, bogs appear and can trap unexperienced drivers. Driving a 4WD with 4×4 Tyres is the only way to go.

Drive even on the roughest terrains

It’s a common fact that the outback is a very rough and rocky ride. Rocks aren’t the only thing a driver should be worried about, there are also sharp broken twigs and potholes that can damage and burst your tyres. By using 4×4 tyres, you are reducing the risk of getting your wheels destroyed by the rough terrain. 4×4 tyres are also very durable and will wear out longer than most tyres, you can get more mileage without ever needing to stop, repair, or change your tyres. 4×4 tyres are also very tough, they can run over thick rocks and branches without you worrying about tyre holes.

Pass through floods and bogs with ease

The weather in the outback can quickly change; one minute it’s all hot and sunny and then in another minute it can rain cats and dogs. All the sand and dirt on off road terrains can quickly turn into mud. 4×4 tyres have no problem in getting traction, thus, leaving your car still running. Floods can also happen even in the outback. Water can rise rapidly and pin your car down. If you got stuck in a rising flood, it is certainly dangerous. 4WDs with 4×4 tyres can easily pass through wet terrain, even with inches of water. Bogs and wet terrain are less of a problem by using 4×4 tyres.

Strong grip even with dust buildup

4×4 tyres are the best choice for off roads like the outback because of its grip and traction. Slipping can be a cause of road accidents, endangering you and your car. Dirt buildup in the highways of the outback can lessen the grip of ordinary tyres, but not with 4×4 tyres.

Less vibrations, smoother ride

Vibrations can be really distracting when driving. 4×4 tyres are perfectly stable and their weight will dampen out most vibrations from the rough terrain. Using them will give you a smooth journey to your destination.

With all points considered, driving in the outback will really need 4×4 tyres. Road accidents and inconveniences are very costly. The outback is very wide and broad. Even if you get hold of a mechanic who can replace your damaged tyres, it will still cost you a fortune. Getting stuck in bogs and floods is also very dangerous. Using 4×4 tyres from Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart will significantly lessen the risks of these incidents from happening and will give you a safer and enjoyable journey overall.

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