Why Buy a Used Car on Thanksgiving, According to Lincoln Car Dealers

Nothing burns Thanksgiving calories better than shopping on Black Friday. But instead of spending hard-earned cash on items you don’t need or won’t last long, why not buy a used car instead? Vehicles are incredibly cheap during this time of year. You might find good-quality and super-affordable pre-owned land yachts in just about every car lot around Covington, LA. Lincoln car dealers sure have some irresistible offers you’ll be thrilled to check out.

Why buy a used car?

While there are undeniable benefits to buying a brand-new car, it’s not always the best choice, especially if you are on a budget and into older makes and models. Besides the low price tag, a used car offers a myriad of benefits.

  • Used cars depreciate more slowly than brand-new cars. It’s a well-known fact that brand-new vehicles lose 20 to 30 percent of their value during the first year.
  • Because a used car has a lower value than a brand-new one, insurance costs also tend to be lower.
  • They’re not all clunkers. Some used cars have low mileage and fully functioning engines and transmission systems.
  • If you have enough money to buy a brand new car and it’s not just you who need one in your family, consider buying two used cars instead. Yep, prices drop so low that you can stretch your car-buying dollar that much.

Why buy on Thanksgiving?

Well, not exactly on Thanksgiving Day. You can just consider Black Friday as an extension of Thanksgiving. Either way, here are some reasons why Lincoln dealerships urge consumers to buy used cars.

Lowering the Already Low Price

Cars are cheapest during the last quarter of the year for several reasons. For one, new models are arriving, so dealerships need to clear their showrooms. Another reason is that they are scrambling to hit their annual sales quota, so they lower the prices of the older models and offer tons of incentives. And that’s just the model changeover sale. On Black Friday, those prices can drop even further.

Plenty of Choices

Another perk of buying a used car is you have a lot of choices. Car lots will be packed with new arrivals. Makes and models from as far back as the 90s will be available here and there. You can even choose the specific color and cabin padding you want. Make sure to start checking out dealerships in your area to make it easier to purchase what you want on Black Friday.

More Negotiating Power

On top of the model-year changeover and Black Friday sale, you also have more negotiating power since it’s the last week of the month. Besides the annual sales quota, car dealerships also have a monthly target. Therefore, they are more ready to negotiate during this time than any other day of the month.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for (or celebrate) all your successes this year. One way to do that is by giving yourself a new car—it might not be a brand new one but it’s something that will remind you that hard work does pay off. Find a Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in New Orleans, LA. for more tips.

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