Why Decide On 20 Ft Truck Rental?

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Van Rental

Renting a truck makes many projects or occasions faster, easier, and safer. Moving the contents of a small apartment or house can be accomplished with 20 ft truck rental. The truck is equipped with a lift to get furniture into the space, which eliminates the need to lift heavy items over the head to reach the platform. It also means saving money by not having to hire a moving company. Evaluate space needs to determine if 20 ft is the right amount of space required. If you are not, call a rental company for recommendations.

Production Needs

There are typically several production projects happening in the city at any given time. Whether filming a commercial, a movie, interviews, or conducting marketing research transporting all required equipment in one truck is more efficient. Setting up cameras, lights, props, and microphones is a faster process when it is the same truck.

Experienced companies, such as C.C. Rental, specialize in accommodating production teams with 20 ft truck rental available 24/7. Trucks can be picked up and dropped off at the convenience of the crew. This is the perfect solution for night shoots, late arrivals at the airport, and afternoon interviews or shots around the city.

The Tax Exempt form for productions, credit card authorizations, and other essential forms can be printed from the site and filled out prior to the time of rental. Saving time is saving money when it comes to productions. The convenience will also ensure schedules will be met for the project.

Flexible Renting Options

Trucks can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Longer rentals can be arranged if necessary. Low rates, high mileage allowances, and optional collision insurance make total costs affordable. Fourteen foot trucks are also available with either a ramp of a lift. Pricing is clearly outlined on the website.

In addition to trucks, many other vehicles are available for rent. Cargo vans of different sizes, along with fifteen passenger and mini vans are available. Passenger cars include sedans and SUVs for executives in town on business, taking a weekend excursion in comfort, or a temporary transportation need not accommodated by the bus or the subway.  You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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