Why Delaying an Oil Change in Broken Arrow Should Be Avoided

Part of the responsibility of owning a car or truck is making sure it is maintained properly. Doing so will increase the odds that the vehicle is always ready to go when the owner needs to get to work or any other destination. One of the more common examples of proper maintenance is making sure the oil and filter are changed regularly. Here are some of the reasons why putting off an Oil Change Broken Arrow is not in the best interests of the vehicle owner.

Reduced Lubrication

Over time, oil will begin to break down and no longer offer the same level of lubricating efficiency it did in the past. Remember that lubrication is essential to the function of many parts of the engine. Without it, the wear and tear on those components will increase significantly. Choosing to set aside time for an Oil Change Broken Arrow will ensure those parts are not subjected to extra wear and will not need to be replaced for a long time.

Fuel Efficiency

Oil that is still viable goes a long way in helping the engine perform more efficiently. This also means that the rate of fuel consumption will remain within a reasonable range. When the oil breaks down and no longer provides what the engine needs, the owner can be assured the engine will have to work harder. That, in turn, means more fuel is consumed. Rather than spending more money at the pump, it makes sense to have the oil and filter changed when the time comes.

Getting Rid of Condensation

Condensation can build up in the engine, especially if the vehicle is only used for short trips or only driven a few times each week. Changing the oil and filter helps to flush the condensation out of the lines and prevent the damage that would occur otherwise. A mechanic can help the owner determine the right type of schedule for oil changes based on how much the car is driven.

For any vehicle owner who needs to have the oil and filter changed today, visit Tate Boys Tire & Service before the day is over. It will only take a little while to drain the old oil out, replace the filter, and make sure the right amount of fresh oil is added.

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