Why It Is Important To Get a Tune Up Service In Forest Park Regularly For Your Vehicle

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Automotive

In today’s economy, most people are having to tighten the belt a little bit more, not going out and purchasing some of the things that they may have before. More people are choosing to keep their vehicles a few more years before trading them in. To ensure that the vehicle is in top working condition, those same people are having more regular maintenance done, too. One regular maintenance that should be done is to take the vehicle to Get Tune Up Service in Forest Park.

Most car manufacturers recommend that a vehicle receive a tune up no more than every 15,000 miles to keep it performing in top working order. One of the first things that is done during a tune up is replacing the fuel filter. This is important because if the fuel filter becomes clogged, it will put stress on the fuel pump which could cause it to stop working correctly. Another important service not to be neglected is changing the spark plugs and distributor cap. Failing to keep the spark plugs in top working order can cause a car to stall while driving it.

Never forget how important checking and possibly replacing points, condensers and valves can be; the older the vehicle, the more often this part of maintenance should be done. The most important part of taking your vehicle to Get Tune Up Service in Forest Park is the regular oil changes that are done approximately every 3,000 miles. This part of the of the maintenance regimen will include draining and changing the oil, air filter and oil filter.

All of these steps are an important part of keeping a vehicle in top working order. If these important steps are neglected, the car will not work to its top ability. Yes, it’s an inconvenience to have to sit at a repair shop while the maintenance is being done. However, isn’t an hour or so of being down for regular maintenance better than having a vehicle down for days due to a major problem that could arise from neglecting the care of a vehicle? In the long run, regular maintenance on a vehicle will cost less than having to pay for major repair expenses due to neglect. Meet professional mechanics at Automotive Tech Center and Auto Experts.

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