Work Typically Done by a Shop Specializing in Car Repair in Alexandria, VA

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Automotive

When you need car repair in Alexandria, VA, one of the best places to go is to an all-service garage. A shop like Shirley Duke Shell Center can handle everything from Virginia state inspections to major repairs. Here are some of the things you may want to have done:

Virginia State Auto Inspections

Unlike many states, Virginia requires that cars pass an inspection of their major safety systems in order to be legal to drive. This inspection checks the brakes, required operating lights, airbags, signals, suspension, steering, tires, mirrors, the windshield, the horn, and more. If any problems are found, they will need to be fixed before an inspection sticker is issued. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a proper auto shop for these checks so that you can have problems corrected right away.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are standard maintenance and typically include other lubrication (a lube job) as part of the price. By having them done at an auto shop, you may be able to find out about other issues before they cause inconvenience.


Of course, repairs make up much of the business at an auto shop. Brake jobs and new mufflers are often needed by cars that have been on the road for a while. Since brake pads and shoes are consumable, it is likely that you’ll need a few brake jobs over the life of a car. Other repairs include hose replacement, heater or air conditioner repair, and the replacement of various fuses.

A good auto shop can do more than the most basic or common types of car repair in Alexandria, VA. It can also handle big jobs like engine or transmission rebuilds, head gasket replacement, and other such work. Fortunately, most uncommon jobs aren’t so extensive. An unresponsive electronic window control, leaky gas tank, or similar issue will be no problem for a full-service auto shop.

In general, most people will see their repair shop for oil changes more often than anything else. This is because the oil needs to be changed on a regularly-scheduled basis. Even so, a good shop is much-appreciated by everyone in town because it can do far more. If your car is acting strange in any way, take it in for repairs today to avoid being stranded.

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