Yes, You Can Still Sell That Car – Even if It’s Wrecked!

When you’re thinking of selling your car, you’re probably weighing your options for where to sell it and for how much. You may be thinking about how to take great photos, how to word your advertisement to get the most possible views- or about how to talk to your dealership about getting the best trade-in deal. However, nothing ruins those plans like a wreck that totals your used car.

If this happens, you may be wondering, “Can I still sell my car for cash?” Thankfully, junk car buyers are always happy to pay for your car -no matter what condition it’s in!

Running or Not

Selling a car to a dealership or a typical online buyer means it must be running. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in great shape; you can always disclose the chinks in its armor when you’re selling it, so your buyer knows what they’re getting. However, most buyers are going to insist on a car that runs. Otherwise, why would they buy?

When you sell to a private buyer, you don’t have to worry about that. They typically buy cars, running or not, even junked. Even if you can barely tell your car was once a working vehicle, you can sell that junk for cash, fast.

Cash in Hand

Another great benefit of selling your car to a private buyer is that you can typically walk way with cash in hand for your vehicle. Maybe you need that cash for a down payment on your replacement vehicle. Maybe you’re using it to save up for something important. Maybe you just want some more spending cash in your pocket. Regardless of your reason, nothing makes it easier to trade in a piece of junk like getting top dollar for doing so!

Talk to your local buyer. Don’t wonder, “Can I sell my car for cash in Houston?” any longer. Get a great offer and walk away with cash for your pile of trash!

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