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With millions of automobiles on the road and even millions more which have been manufactured over the years, reclaimed auto parts offer the wise mechanic a wealth of replacement and repair options for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Along with the efficient recycling of these auto parts the automotive recycling industry is an important aspect in the disposal of old and inoperable automobiles. An estimated fifteen million cars reach their end of life cycle each year. Sometimes this results from vehicle accidents while others are the result of simple mechanical failure or old age. Except in the rarest of circumstances, these vehicles can provide the salvager with some usable parts and those which can not are recycled as scrap metals. The metal is often returned to the various industries which turn it into new parts for our cars and trucks.

Automotive recycling is the act of disassembling cars and trucks and salvaging any useful or resalable parts. What makes the items viable for resale are factors such as re-usability, cost of used part versus new part and availability of the parts. Some often salvaged auto parts are engines, transmissions and basic auto body parts like fenders or bumpers. Automotive glass may be recycled as long as it remains undamaged. Another useful consideration for the auto salvager is whether these parts are easily user installed as many licensed mechanics and garages rarely make use of recycled parts due to warranty issues.

Auto Parts in Chicago Il offers premium recycled parts which may also include air bags, seats, brake parts air conditions assemblies and blower motors. You may find mirrors and door assemblies or individual pieces such as interior handles for the doors and windows. Many used parts dealers offer a warranty which is generally ninety days. They often require the parts to be returned in original condition and may charge a restocking fee.

If you fancy yourself as an automotive re-builder you know the advantage of recycled automotive parts from Auto Parts in Chicago Il. With some makes or models it can be quite difficult to locate some of the items you require and new OEM items can often be very expensive.


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