Mini Cooper Service and Repair In Chicago

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Auto Parts

The first Mini hit the streets of Great Britain in 1959; it was a product of the now defunct British Motor Corporation. The Mini was the British equivalent to the German VW, a car that was designed and produced for the masses. The history of this iconic little machine is a far cry from the Mini Cooper of today, now manufactured in Germany by BMW. BMW re-launched the Mini Cooper in 2000, the product has expanded into a formidable automobile cranking out 188 horsepower in the “S” variant but only weighing about 3000 pounds. The Mini Cooper is known for its nimble suspension, exceptional steering and handling and a power to weight ratio better than almost every street legal car.

It does not matter what Mini you own, the Clubman and the Jon Cooper edition of the Cooper S all require specialist service and maintenance to maintain the car to its full factory spec and to do this you need to deal with a service center that is well attuned to Mini Cooper Service in Chicago. As an owner, if you follow the suggested maintenance and service program you should find that the cost will be less than what you would have to pay in repairs by neglecting this important issue.

Routine maintenance:

Routine maintenance is often proactive in nature but it also includes the timely replacement of minor items which have failed such as lights. Most routine work does not require that your Mini goes into the shop for a few days; this type of work is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. Much of the routine maintenance may seem somewhat trivial in nature but the truth is, a Mini Cooper needs the various fluids such as oil that are recommended by the factory and you must take your Mini Cooper to a repair shop that has these fluids and various spare parts in stock and they must all be OEM.

Brake jobs:

The brake system on a Mini Cooper is somewhat complex and this work must be done by technicians who are intimate with Mini Cooper Service in Chicago. The brakes on your Mini are fitted with sensors that track the wear and when the time comes for replacement the owner can opt for standard OEM brake pads or high performance parts.

Coolant service:

Maintaining the coolant for any high performance automobile is of the utmost importance. If the cooling system should fail it takes but seconds to warp the cylinder head or ruin seize the engine completely. Routine cooling system maintenance will see that the system is flushed and your radiator is re-filled with genuine Mini Cooper coolant.

As your Mini Cooper ages there will be a need for repair or replacement of such things as the drive belts, timing belt, adjust the valves and general safety checks.Visit VFC Engineering website to learn more.

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