Avoid Distracted Driving, or End Up in an Auto Body Shop in El Cajon

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Towing Service

Each year, thousands of people are killed or injured in distracted driving accidents, and the numbers are expected to rise. While most cases involve the use of devices such as phones, tablets, and navigation systems, there are other causes as well. If a driver finds themselves distracted behind the wheel or they’re trying to teach a friend or family member how to avoid distracted driving, don’t forget these tips.

Don’t Drive and Talk

Using handheld devices to talk to others who aren’t in the vehicle can cause a driver to lose their focus on the road. While it’s a good idea to avoid phone calls while driving, there are many devices and apps that allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. By avoiding unnecessary conversations, drivers are less likely to need an auto body shop in El Cajon.

Don’t Drive and Text

One of today’s drivers’ most dangerous habits is texting while driving. It’s important to never text while behind the wheel; recent studies show that sending a text message can take the driver’s eyes off the road for five seconds or more.

Ask Passengers for Help

If others are in the car, be sure to ask for help in making phone calls or sending text messages. However, it goes further than that; ask them for help doing anything else that needs to be done on the road.

Set Up the Navigation System Before Starting Out

If a driver is unsure of their destination and will use GPS to get there, be sure to set it up before leaving home. That way, it’s not necessary to adjust the system while driving.

Store Loose Articles

Pens, garbage, sporting equipment, and more can roll around and cause a serious distraction. Drivers should ensure that their cars are kept clean, as it reduces the impulse to pick things up while driving.

Pay Attention to the Road

The most vital thing to remember is the task at hand. When a person drives a car, they’re operating a machine weighing thousands of pounds, that has the potential to cause serious injury and/or death. Distracted driving causes thousands of avoidable accidents per year, and everyone should do their part in keeping their eyes on the road. If there’s a need for an auto body shop in El Cajon, visit Usaautoservices.com for more details. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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