Buying a Car? 5 Tips to Getting It Right

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Car Dealer

Don’t let the horror stories turn you off the prospect of buying a pre-owned car. With plenty of good options out there and armed with the right knowledge, the process should be far less tiresome than you may think.

Look for a dealer

Have a particular make in mind? Then look for used car dealer in Lockport that specializes in these makes and models. Check the reputation of the dealer. Is it a good one? That’s a good place to start your search.

Ask for the title

Any dealer worth his salt knows how important it is to provide potential car buyers with the car’s title. If the dealer keeps putting this off or seems to provide you with flimsy reasons on why they don’t have the title just yet, that’s a major red flag. Keep in mind that if there are outstanding loans on a car, the bank and not the dealer would have the title. If that’s the case, skip to the next used car dealer in Lockport on your list for better options.

Inspect the car

It’s standard to do a visual check of the car before you sign anything, says U.S. News. If the dealer doesn’t seem to want you to do that or if the dealer won’t let you take the car to a mechanic or doesn’t want to cooperate, then that’s another red flashing sign that the dealer isn’t making an honest sale. Look around for other car dealers then, ones that you can trust.

Check reviews and ratings

Look for the dealership’s ratings and reviews online. Is the tone of the reviews largely positive or negative? Are the ratings poor? These can help you choose which dealer is right for you.

Factor in service

Are the staff helpful? Are the technicians certified? Pick a dealership that offers excellent customer service so you’ll have less worries down the road. Visit us for more details.

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