Paint a Car in Johnson County: The Associated Labor and Costs

by | Feb 9, 2018 | auto repair

Most older people remember the commercials that they saw on television where a collision repair facility would offer to paint any car for $100. In fact, there were many national collision repair chains that offered discount auto paint services. Unfortunately, while these discounts sounded good to the wallet, they were somewhat short on providing quality paint jobs.

The simple fact is that properly applying an auto finish to a car is expensive. That’s why if a person needs to Paint Car in Johnson County, the car owner will need to be aware of the realities of having a new paint finish applied to their vehicle.

Repainting Costs

The cost for the average professional paint job will typically run in the $2000-$3000 range depending on the type of automotive finish as well as the size of the vehicle. The reason why this is so expensive isn’t necessarily because of the paint, although modern-day auto finishes are quite expensive, but any potential prep work that will need to be done.

Important Prep Work

While the application of the paint and the process of applying an even coat is important, the prep work that is done to the vehicle before the paint is applied is just as important. If the prep work isn’t done properly and the surface isn’t prepared with painstaking detail, it is going to affect how the paint looks once it is sprayed onto the vehicle.

For a vehicle without any rust, corrosion or any other type of damage, the prep work may take a bit of time, but it is fairly straightforward. For vehicles that have rust issues, corrosion or damage, these issues need to be repaired before the paint can be applied. In addition, after the paint has been applied, many professional paint jobs also include the application of a clear coat.

If you want to Paint Car in Johnson County, it is important to understand not only the process that is involved in professionally repainting a vehicle but the costs associated with this type of service. Once you understand a bit more about the work, as well if the economics of refinishing a vehicle, you’ll better understand a $2000-$3000 painting estimate. To learn more about these and other collision issues with your vehicle, you may want to visit Warrensburg Collision.

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