Ford Stopped Making Most Cars, but New Mustangs Are Sold in Knoxville, TN

Ford Motor Company has decided to concentrate on manufacturing pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles as of 2020. The company has stopped making coupes and sedans, with one noteworthy exception. Ford still manufactures the ever-popular Mustang muscle car, which it first began selling in 1964. Test drives of these new and used sports cars can be scheduled with a Ford dealer in Knoxville, TN.

Relevant Sales Statistics

Continued demand for this ride is not the main reason that this vehicle manufacturer continues to produce the Mustang. In fact, only about 82,000 of these cars are sold new in the United States annually. Compare that with the approximately 900,000 F-150 pickup trucks that consumers buy new each year. The company’s line of SUVs has strong demand as well. Nevertheless, a Ford dealer in Knoxville, TN, will still likely have one or more new Mustang cars on the lot and also has access to others located elsewhere.

Why Ford Continues to Produce the Mustang

The primary reason Ford does not stop selling new Mustang cars is because the vehicle is one of its icons. That makes it very important as a continued part of the company’s product line and image. The car has been seen in movies and TV shows, and it conveys a cool factor for the character who is the owner.

Several Options

One appealing aspect of the Mustang is that the company makes models that are relatively affordable as well as significantly high-powered versions that cost twice as much. The cars can be purchased from the dealership shown at Contact Ray Varner Ford when looking for a Ford Dealer in Knoxville, TN.

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