How a Transmission Shift Kit Can Improve Your Life

For many people, cars are their entire life. Getting to work, to school, or to church may not be possible through public transportation. Having a car that works, drives smooth, and gets a decent fuel economy may be important. However, sometimes a car’s transmission may shift erratically or take a few seconds before it clicks. To prevent this, mechanics often install shift kits for the transmission, which allow the transmission to shift smoother. Here are some of the many ways transmission shift kits can improve your car and your life.

Smoother Drive

Shifting gears in a car can generally be a decision that a driver doesn’t have to think about. However, makers of automobiles allow for a bit too much shift overlap in order to make the ride smoother. (Overlap occurs when the transmission is in two gears at the same time, briefly.) While the overlap may make the shift happen smoother, it can be rough on a car. It can weaken the transmission by increased friction, which makes the parts work harder overtime. Seals and clutches can take a particular beating from this. A shift kit can stop this overlap time while also keeping your car in good condition.

Save Money

Shift kit transmissions can not only make your car drive smoother but can also save you money in the long run. Shift kits reduce the car’s overlap time by taking the intense friction and harnessing that energy to power the car. In doing so, a car achieves better fuel economy and, in turn, the driver gets to save a pretty penny on gas. Not to mention the shift kit is easier on the car’s transmission, there’s a better chance a costly transmission won’t have to be replaced, as well as other minor parts. Saving money on parts is a long-term way to save money on the whole car.

Improved Strength

Because the friction is turned into energy, the car’s interior clutch and seals aren’t overpowered by constant heat. This allows them to last for much longer, which while saving money, also means they can work better. With more durable interior parts, the transmission can last longer and safer. That way a car owner doesn’t have to worry about it giving out in the middle of a highway or back country road.

Transmission shift kits can give a car a smoother drive and a driver a thicker wallet. With improved strength and durability, both car and driver can continue down the road for as long as they can. For more information, visit the website.

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