How are Pre Owned Vehicles Certified?

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

From the outside, walking through that car lot, it’s hard to discern which used car is safe, and which are potentially in need of costly repairs. You may also have seen, likely in the same lot, the phrase “certified” attached to a number of the used cars. What does this mean? If you are wondering this as you look for pre-owned cars in Shorewood IL, here is a crash course explanation of what it is and how it’s done.

Pre-owned certification
Certification is the answer made by the biggest car manufacturers in America to the concerns surrounding used cars that were listed in the introduction. These companies have programs where they have used cars serviced in the same shops that their newer models are serviced in. This brings these cars back to perfect working order, while still technically counting as used, and being able to be sold at a lower rate. Thus, being certified basically means “this car has been used, but was repaired and touched back up by the same factory that built it originally, so it may as well be brand new.”

The process
Not every car gets this treatment, of course. The requirements are that the car in question has to be less than 6 years old, and has less than 100,000 miles on it. Otherwise the car is deemed too old or too used up respectively to be worth the time, and is put in with the other uncertified used cars. Out of a dealer’s entire fleet of used cars, the manufacturer will only take the absolute best of the bunch.

The first thing done is the dealer requesting that the vehicle in question be inspected. The inspection is painstakingly thorough, checking for any minute detail out of place and that needs to be fixed. When every problem is found and the inspection complete, one of two things happens depending on the dealer. Either the dealer has the entire thing taken apart, each part cleaned and repaired, and then put back together, good as new. Or the dealer decides to just have the individual problems found in the car repaired instead of the whole thing to be cost effective, while still keeping up their end of the bargain. Thankfully, neither option is a bad option, just that one is more through and the other most pragmatic.

Certified pre-owned cars are the preferred option when shopping for a used car. They’re guaranteed to be in perfect working order, without any real damage or anything important missing. So, if you’re going to buy a used car, always check to see if it’s certified. To know more information visit

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