A Window Regulator Can Malfunction For Many Reasons

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Repair and Service

Power windows in a vehicle are much easier than the old fashion crank windows that were difficult to open when it was cold. Older regulators could strip the track and the window would have to be manually opened or closed by hand. Today’s vehicles are equipped with power windows that allow the driver to control all of the windows in the vehicle from a control near the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, a power Window Regulator can also fail when it’s regularly used or there’s a malfunctioning motor. Removing the door panel to gain access to the regulator can be a struggle for an individual who isn’t properly trained in removing or replacing all of the pieces.

What Causes A Regular To Fail?

The most common cause of failure of a power Window Regulator is excessive use. A broken motor, track, pulley or window switch can fail and cause a safety issue. Leaving a window partially open is an invitation for thieves and a great way for rain and debris to enter the vehicle.

Intermittent Problems

A regular can have intermittent problems and work great on some days and completely fail on others. Extreme heat is usually the cause of intermittent problems because the motor will overheat. Individuals who live or drive in frigid locations can have problems with the window or the track being frozen when the user opens it.

Should An Owner Fix Their Own Regulator?

An owner shouldn’t attempt to fix their own regulator. The door panel needs to be removed and can lead to broken parts on the door or the inability to securely replace the panel. Fixing a regulator can be difficult and the window could be easily broken, chipped, or scraped during the repair.

Who Fixes A Regulator?

An experienced auto glass company can easily repair a regulator in a window. They have trained technicians who have experience working with these types of problems. They can perform the repair at the owner’s doorstep.

If you have a broken regulator in your vehicle, a chipped or cracked windshield, or are interested in having your windows tinted to block the sun’s UV rays, please visit Autoglassfactoryaz.com for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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