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by | Jul 2, 2015 | Repair and Service

Did you know there are thousands of different colors for vehicles? While many of them may just look “blue” or “red” to you and me, the truth is that a simple blue and red can come in dozens of shades and unique tones. In addition, mixing certain colors or shades can bring out entirely new colors which aren’t even named yet! When you want to see some amazing paint schemes, car shows are the place to go for colors such as Titanic Teal, Pit Viper Red, and Rosewood. In the event of a collision or other “oops” moment, however, you want to know the a genuine auto paint shop in Denver your vehicle goes to can match the paint tone perfectly.

With so Many Colors, How are they Organized?

The auto paint shop in Denver you have chosen will likely keep their paints organized by a number system within a computer which matches the manufacturers color palette. Once the paint code of the specific vehicle is found, the technician can easily start blending the tones they need to match your exterior paint.

•  The paint code is always printed on the vehicle somewhere. Usually on a door panel or on an information sticker within the glove box or inside the trunk. This lists the exact color and its code that was used at the manufacturer.
•  The technician will then turn to a PPG color chip book to search for the paint code in the same year the vehicle was made. Once the paint code is found, it will give a PPG code that can be entered into a computer to find the specific mixture required.
•  In the event of having multiple variances of a certain color, the technician will use color chips to determine the closest match by holding them near the vehicle. Even something as simple as silver can have different undertones giving it a more shimmery or bluish shade.

But, I Just Needed Blue!

Ford may have a different opinion of the color blue than BMW does, and those two can differ drastically from Lamborghini’s view of the color too! That’s why the PPG books are so handy for auto paint shops. BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision center has had plenty of experience matching colors for all types and ages of vehicles, so you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will look good as new even if it had an entire front fender replaced or had to have major scratch and dent recovery. Whether your color is “cobalt blue” or “frosted blue with a hint of rose and orange”, you’ll get the precise match you need!

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