How to Locate a Great Honda Dealership

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Used car

You may be ready to purchase a new or pre-owned Honda in Charlotte, North Carolina and want to make sure that you visit a reputable dealer who is honest and fair. When shopping for a vehicle you have two choices. You can visit a large dealership or a smaller car lot that specializes in pre-owned vehicles. Some of the smaller lots are family run businesses and a lot of background information may not exist, although this doesn’t mean the business isn’t reputable.

Speak with Friends or Family

You may be looking for a Honda in Charlotte, North Carolina because you drove in a friend’s new Honda or a family member just bought a new Civic or Accord and you’re impressed with the vehicle and how it drives. Speak with friends and family who either own a Honda or purchased their current vehicle from a Honda dealership. Ask how they would rate the quality of service, the level of professionalism, and the amount of knowledge the staff had about vehicles.

Look Up Online Reviews about Honda in Charlotte, North Carolina

A large dealership will have reviews about it online, even though you probably won’t find them directly on the dealership’s website. Customers usually leave comments and experiences on different business websites, and there are many local websites specific to cities to let residents know which businesses are reputable.

Call the Dealerships Directly

The best way to decide if you want to visit a Honda in Charlotte, North Carolina dealership is to call directly. Speak with a salesman and get a feel for their customer service and knowledge. Ask questions about test driving prospective cars and find out about financing. If the salesman does his or her best to answer your questions and assist you over the phone, you can feel comfortable that you’ll get great service when you visit the dealership, too.

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