Tips Prepare for Safe Winter Driving: Tires Matter

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Tires

Poor weather conditions can cause trouble for even the most experienced drivers. A heavy rainstorm may turn a normally easy commute into a nightmarish trip characterized by poor visibility, but dangerous weather is even more of a possibility during the winter months. Fortunately, when you take time to buy snow tires in Albany NY or elsewhere, you’ll be making an important step in staying safe when the weather turns frightful.

Tread and Texture Differences

By comparing a winter weather tire next to one that’s made for all seasons, you should notice that the treads don’t look the same. Because the winter weather varieties have to perform well in ice and snow, treads have several jagged notches to improve grip.

Additionally, when you purchase snow tires in Albany NY, the salesperson may inform you that these types are made from a softer rubber that heats up as you drive. Although they don’t usually last as long as all weather types, don’t let that discourage you. By alternating between tire types, you’ll probably find that they each last longer, than if you had just used one throughout the year.

Other Details

After you buy snow tires, focus on the smaller, but still important details of your vehicle. As temperatures become colder, which it will do in in Albany NY, oil can thicken, making it less able to lubricate your engine properly. Choose a variety that’s appropriate for chilly weather.

Pay attention to windshield wipers, because if they’re too worn, it’ll be more difficult to see in treacherous conditions. Fill up your car’s reservoir with windshield wiper fluid, too. Plain water is useless when temperatures go below freezing.

Finally, keep a few blankets and instant hand warmers in your trunk, in case of an emergency. A roadside emergency kit is a good investment for cold NY winters.

Although cold weather brings different challenges, you can face them with confidence by thinking ahead and staying on top of vehicle maintenance.




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