How To Restore A Vintage Trailer

Childhood memories often evoke strong emotions. Certain experiences and objects can take you back to your childhood and help you remember times when life was simple and carefree. If you grew up camping in a trailer with your family, you may want a way to recreate those memories, either as a way to reconnect with your child-self or to help your own children create happy memories. The type of trailer you grew up camping in may now be typed “vintage”. One way to recreate those happy memories to the fullest is to restore the trailer you camped in when you were young. There are companies that restore vintage trailers, but doing the restoration on your own will be cheaper and may help you create even more fond memories.

Before restoring your vintage trailer, do a thorough assessment of the repairs and restoration that will need to be done. Determine what parts you will need to repair or replace. Decide which trailer parts in Minnesota you will buy new and which you will buy used. Make plans for any updates, like adding electricity. If you want to make the restoration completely vintage, consider buying vintage trailer parts in Minnesota. You may be able to find vintage trailer parts in salvage yards. There are also companies that sell vintage trailer parts. Make a list of repairs you will need to make and supplies you will need to buy. Decide which parts of the restoration you will do on your own and which you will have a professional complete.

Buy your supplies. Locate any vintage trailer parts in Minnesota that you can. Consider going to the internet to order any vintage parts and supplies you can’t find locally. When you are replacing wood pieces, make sure to buy the new pieces in a grain and color that match the vintage pieces. Find coverings for your windows that are go with the vintage feel. Make sure that any fabrics you use coordinate with the time period of the trailer. Once you have gathered your parts and supplies start the projects you are going to do yourself. If you run into problems, make sure to ask someone experienced in vintage trailer restorations for advice and help.

Once the interior restoration is complete, fix the exterior of the trailer. Paint the trailer and make sure to match the new paint color with the original. If there is any rust patch it up. Repair any broken doors or windows. Even though you are going for a vintage look, you want to make sure that the outside of the trailer looks shiny and new. When the trailer is restored, plan a trip to relive old memories and create new ones.

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