If You Have A Scrap Car In Chicagoland – What can You Do With It?

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Automobile

You can break the law and simply dump it somewhere. But, do that, and the odds are you will get found out and be subjected to all sorts of bureaucratic hassle with sizeable fines thrown in to add to your woes. You could of course simply park it upon your property and forget all about it – provided that you have sufficient space on your land.

A Good Alternative Would Be To Turn It Into Cash

Why not? There have always been opportunities to turn scrap into hard cash and junk cars are no exception. All the time a motor vehicle is basically in some sort of running order, there will be opportunities to sell it to someone else who wants to drive it around. The problems come when your old car is either not running, has been totaled in a wreck, or cannot meet the minimum safety standards in force. No one will want to part with good money simply to own such a vehicle which they cannot immediately drive away.

But A Junk Car Is Worth The Sum Total Of Its Parts

If it is relatively new then there will be parts of it that can be salvaged and sold as spares for currently running vehicles of the same or similar type. Should have simply died of old age then there might be collectors avidly seeking its spare parts since they are no longer in production. Even if there are no salvageable parts to be extracted from it, the scrap metal price of its basic steel (both engine and body) can be sold to recyclers.

You Don’t Even Need To Dismantle It Yourself

There are two types of business that will be interested in the scrap and spare part value of your dead vehicle. Companies in the auto trade that deal in spare parts and the scrap metal dealers themselves. Gone are the days when you would have had to pay one of these to come and take junk cars away. While collecting, towing (or trucking) them back to their yard costs them money on top of what it costs to dismantle and deal with the vehicle. The total cost of those accumulated parts is now consider high enough for many of those in this trade to actually pay you for allowing them to take your vehicle away.

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