Auto Repair in Mesa for a Malfunctioning Alternator

by | Jan 29, 2016 | auto repair

The symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator can be a bit baffling, but they indicate a strain on the battery. It’s important to have the alternator replaced at a shop that does Auto Repair in Mesa before it stops working altogether. Sometimes when that happens, the driver doesn’t know it until the battery has been so depleted it may need to be replaced. That’s because the battery takes over to provide electrical power when the alternator stops working. If the battery is relatively new, however, replacing the alternator and running the car for many miles to recharge the battery may be able to save it.

Normally, the battery is only called upon to start the car. It sends electrical current to the starter motor and the ignition system when the vehicle is shut off. Once the car is on, the engine supplies energy to the alternator, which in turn sends energy to the battery for storage for the next use.

The alternator supplies power for headlights and other lights, the radio, and other electrical equipment. When the alternator is not working optimally, the driver might notice the dashboard lights flickering on occasion or seeming dimmer than usual. The alternator might squeal when the headlights are turned on or the air conditioning is running because of the extra load on the system. The radio might not be loud enough without turning up the volume higher than usual.

The driver might notice that the battery sounds like it has low power when the car is being started. That can happen if the car has been using battery power to supplement alternator power. Under normal circumstances, the battery might supplement the power if the alternator cannot handle the load, but not nearly as aggressively as it must do when the alternator is going bad.

Most of the time, a shop that does Auto Repair in Mesa replaces an alternator, as these parts usually cannot be fixed without a complete rebuild. The vehicle owner may save some money by having a rebuilt component installed instead of a brand new one. A garage such as Business Name can replace the alternator at an affordable price.

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