Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Bearing

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Auto Parts

Most people who own vehicles do not know when their wheel bearings are going bad let alone what a wheel bearing is. Wheel bearings are a set of steel balls that are put into place by one metal ring that is called a race. Their job is to allow the wheel to spin properly and with very little friction. They are traditionally between the wheel and the axle. You may be wondering what happens when they break or become damaged.

Before you begin to panic, the first thing you should check for is any kind of noise. The most common noise types are squeals, chirps, squeaks, growling, and grinding noises. The noises that you hear come from the suspension when you are driving the vehicle. You may hear these noises when you turn your steering wheel or it can get worse when you accelerate.

There are other symptoms you may notice such as wandering tires or a loose steering. Another major indicator of a worn or faulty wheel bearing is a decrease in the level of noise coming from the bearing when you apply your brakes.

Checking for Problems

If you would like to try checking for faulty wheel bearings then you can do so by rotating your wheel to check for roughness or noise. This could be a clear cut sign for a bad wheel bearing. Go on a drive for about 15 minutes to examine the temperature of the hub. This portion of the hub should be slightly warm but nothing more. If you notice that it is too warm your vehicle may require a wheel hub replacement.

Possible Dangers

If your wheel bearings are failing this can be extremely dangerous. This is because the wheel may separate from the vehicle and cause you to lose control of your steering wheel. It is extremely important to make sure your wheel hubs are replaced on a regular basis in order to avoid any dangers while you are on the road. You should take it to a mechanic should you suspect any faulty wheel bearings.

If you are not completely sure whether or not your wheel bearings are going bad, you should take it to a mechanic to have it checked out. When you take your car for a tune-up, have them check your wheel bearings on a yearly basis for safety purposes. You do not want to experience a bad wheel bearing while on the road.

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