Questions to Ask a Car Rental Service in New York NY

When working with a Car Rental Service in New York NY, it’s important for customers to know the details of the rental contract, including insurance options, rental terms, and steps to take in an emergency. Before renting a car, customers should get answers to the following questions about the rental process.

What’s Included in the Daily Rate?

When getting quotes from rental services, customers should ensure that all applicable fees and taxes are included in the quoted price; otherwise, one may end up paying more than they expect. For instance, if one rents a vehicle from a location in an airport, they may pay higher surcharges. Before renting a car, be sure the quoted rate includes the drop-off and pick-up locations.

What’s the Mileage Plan?

Many rental services offer unlimited mileage for the entire rental period, which allows users to drive as much as they want without paying additional fees. However, others may assess fees for exceeding a daily maximum mileage. If someone rents a vehicle for a few days or more, they should make sure the mileage limit will cover the length of their travels.

Is Extra Insurance Available?

In most cases, customers don’t have to ask about insurance, as a Car Rental Service in New York NY typically offers it at the counter. A CDW, or collision damage waiver, absolves the renter of responsibility for damage or loss to the vehicle. Personal car insurance policies and certain credit cards offer varying degrees of rental car protection, and potential customers should check their policies before buying insurance at the rental car counter.

Is It Necessary to Return the Vehicle With a Full Tank of Fuel?

Unless specified, it’s always wise to return the car with a full tank. Some rental car agencies offer pre-purchase options that set a per-gallon fuel rate, but in most instances, it’s cheaper to fill the tank on one’s own than to rely on the rental car company to fill it back up.

Renting a car doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult. For help with choosing and reserving a rental vehicle, visit or give them a call today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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