Reasons to Get Local Auto Repair

Cars are one of the biggest investments people make and they need a lot of maintenance to ensure that they remain in working condition over time and use. Having the knowledge needed to tell if you have a problem is important if you want to save thousands in the long run. Catching the right issue in time may even save you from needing to replace your car altogether and a local auto repair service is your best option when looking for help. Once you know what to look for, getting help should be simple and straightforward from the start.

Flashing Check Engine Light

This is a serious sign that you need to get immediate local auto repair in Tinley Park. A lit engine light means that one or more systems in your car are malfunctioning and a simple diagnostic check can determine the problem. However, a flashing light is a sign of serious danger such as an emissions system problem. If you notice your car has begun to run differently and spot a flashing light on your dash, get your car inspected with VIP Tire auto repair services right away.


If you notice any major leaks underneath your car where you normally park, your car may be leaking crucial fluids. This is especially concerning if your car has started showing other signs of an issue, such as transmission trouble. The moment you notice these large puddles, take your car in for local auto repair to determine the location of the leak and discuss repair options. That said, it is not unusual for fresh water to drip from the front near the passenger side during summer months. Look for bright green or dark red or brown liquids to determine a real issue. Once you know you have one, simply call a repair service to talk about options. For more information visit VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

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