Should You Buy a Rebuilt Transmission in Chicago?

When the transmission goes, you tend to expect that to be the death knell for most ordinary vehicles. While a spent transmission isn’t necessarily irreplaceable, quite the opposite, often it’s a sign of things to come. However, there are times when your transmission goes because of a problem that you can identify and solve – and that’s when you buy a rebuilt transmission to replace the old one.

Purchasing a New Transmission – The Other Option

It’s likely that the first thought you and your mechanic will have is that the old, fried transmission will need to be replaced with a brand new one. After all, if you’re in there doing the job, you might as well put in a transmission that will last as long as possible. The problem is that a brand new transmission is going to be quite expensive, no matter what kind of car or truck you’ve got. Of course this is still an option, but you’d be surprised at the quality you’ll get if you buy a rebuilt transmission, not to mention the low price you’ll pay.

How Much Do You Save With Rebuilt Transmissions in Chicago?

Figuring out just how much you could save is going to be pretty easy. It will depend on the make and model of your car, as well as the year. It will also depend on whether or not it is common for the transmission to fail on your particular car. If it seems to be a common problem, a rebuilt transmission might be pricier. But if you had a transmission fluid problem and most people don’t end up with a fried transmission, there may be hundreds of like new or barely used rebuilt transmissions out there for your exact car.

Where Does a Rebuilt Transmission Come From?

Rebuilt transmissions can be purchased from auto parts stores that specialize in salvaging and rebuilds. A lot of cars are scrapped every year because of damage to the frame which is not worth fixing. But the rest of the car can be in pretty good shape. If there’s been no impact to the front end, a lot of those important parts are completely useful. It could be easy to find and buy a rebuilt transmission from a car that didn’t have a lot of miles on it. The parts seller will have taken it apart, cleaned it, and put it back together so that it is running smoothly.

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